Biodiversity E-Learning Module

CERE has been engaged by Ambuja Cement to prepare an E-Learning Module on Biodiversity. The aim of this course is to sensitize all company employees on issues pertaining to biodiversity and to empower them to proactively be involved in the protection and conservation of biodiversity. The e-learning program has included topics such as (a) What is Biodiversity? – Understanding Evolution, Classifications and Species, (b) Ecosystems – understanding the interactions between species and resources, (c) Areas of High Biodiversity eg. hotspots, (d) Why is Biodiversity important – A multi-perspective approach; Scientific perspective, Human Rights perspective, Economic perspective, Cultural & Gender perspective, Sustainability perspective, (e) Threats to Biodiversity & Common Challenges, (f)   Strategies to protect and foster biodiversity, (g) Personal actions and behaviour change, (h) Actions for the workplace, (i) Initiatives undertaken by Ambuja Cement to protect biodiversity and the environment at different units and offices.