Environmental Booklet Series

A series of 6 pocket-size information booklets on Environmental Sustainability with a special focus on Climate Change. The topics covered are Waste, Climate Change, Biodiversity, Citizenship, Energy and Water & I. The booklets motivate individuals to take responsibility and act for the betterment of our environment and planet. The booklets use simple language, avoid technical jargon and provide comprehensive information and data on Global Warming. There are lots of colourful visuals, amazing facts, thought-provoking success stories, brain-teasers.

There is also a Handy Tips section which focuses on simple and practical actions that individuals can take in their own lives and finally resources for readers wanting to explore the subject deeper. The booklets are targeted to a wide audience ranging from high school and college students, teachers, working professionals, senior citizens and all concerned individuals.

The booklets serve as excellent awareness material and can be used by schools, colleges, government institutions, corporate firms, banks, non-profit organizations, clubs, housing societies and others as

  • Introductory booklets on Climate Change
  • Prizes for student competitions in schools and colleges
  • Awareness material for employees
  • Corporate gifts
  • Education material for outreach and awareness campaigns

Rs. 300/- per set of 6 booklets.
CERE offers special discounts on bulk orders.



“I have read the Series of 6 Booklets on Environmental Sustainability with special focus on Climate Change and found it worth reading and sincerely feel every citizen should be made aware about the happennings in our environment and how little actions of ours are damaging the environment. You may be happy to know that these Series of 6 booklets have inspired me to do something for my environment and also I intend to take up “Carbon Management” as a topic for my academic project.”

Natasha Mistry, Student

Water & I by Edel Monteiro

Biodiversity & I by Edel Monteiro

Energy & I by Edel Monteiro

Waste & I by Edel Monteiro

Climate Change & I by Edel Monteiro

Citizenship & I by Edel Monteiro