Walk on the Wild Side

Walk on the Wild Side is a handbook on Urban Biodiversity. CERE has designed this book for city youngsters, students, teachers and parents to help take them closer to nature in order for them to bond with it. Conservation would be a natural outcome of this bonding with wildlife.

Walk on the Wild Side-updated1

The following features of the biodiversity book make it exceptionally unique:

  1. Visually appealing and an aesthetic masterpiece.
  2. Informative and motivational.
  3. Makes wildlife identification simple. Will help young naturalists identify birds and other animals they see in their own neighbourhoods and communities.
  4. Generates ideas and techniques on creating habitats even in small spaces like balconies in urban areas in order to increase biodiversity.
  5. Motivational case studies prompting all sections of society to work towards biodiversity conservation.
  6. Gives a host of practical ideas on children’s projects on nature and lists out easy outdoor activities that teachers and parents can conduct with reference material.
  7. Helps increase urban biodiversity through proactive conservation and innovative ideas in creating urban habitats for wildlife.
  8. Will help improve the quality of life in our cities through the conservation efforts spelt out in the book.