English Reader Series

An 18-book Series of English Readers entitled ‘A Wisdom of Words’ from Stds. I – VIII. The aim of the Series is to develop a generation of sensitive, creative, thinking and environmentally-sensitive young adults by teaching analytical and appreciation skills besides grammar and comprehension skills.The questions and exercises at the end of each story or poem in each reader and workbook have been designed to foster analytical thinking and help children to form and express ideas and opinions more effectively. The exercises also reinforce language skills such as composition, letter writing, creative writing, reference, comprehension and basic grammar skills in the context of the lesson in the reader. Over 50 progressive ICSE, CBSE and IB schools across India are presently prescribing to A Wisdom of Words.

More than 50 prominent schools across India, such as Shri Ram School (Delhi), Rishi Valley School (Chittoor), The School (Chennai), J. B. Petit High School for Girls, Bombay International School, Hillsprings International School, (Mumbai), Greenwood High (Bangalore), Kangaroo Kids and Billabong International Schools and many more have adopted the reader series for the past 5 years.

Readers = Rs. 260/-
Workbooks = Rs. 205/-
Teacher Handbooks = Rs. 205/-
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“A Wisdom of Words, with its rich and varied collection of readings, extends the emotional and intellectual horizons of students in our schools, and so prepares them for the modern world. Several of its selections are by Indian Writers; some focus on the beauty of the natural world and threats to its survival; others draw young readers into the magical world of adventure and science fiction. The Collection of graded readers ensures that students learn language skills without losing out on the pleasures of reading.”

Radhika Jayakar (Director)
Krishnamurthy Schools, Rishi Valley, Chittoor
“The books are wonderful and really a step ahead in Indian school publishing. I am happy to see them.”

G. Gautama (Principal),
The School, Chennai
“These books stand out alone in a system where rote learning and fact-pushing is what a child has to endure as a substitute for real education. Your collection of inspiring stories and the exercise at the end offer a ray of hope, that there is something worth sending your child to school for. Kudos to your team, for doing your bit to improve the quality of education in India.”

Dr. Varsha Apte
Parent & Associate Professor, IIT Bombay

“A Wisdom of Words is an excellent series of readers specially designed for primary and middle school children and adequately meets the requirement of all education boards. the readers comprise interesting, thought provoking excerpts with excellent questions and exercises that develop both language and literary skills. I very strongly recommend these readers because they are thoroughly enjoyed by the children and the teachers who teach them.”

Shirin Darasha (Ex Principal)
J.B. Petit High School for Girls, Mumbai