We’re helping Bollywood ‘Go Green’

Aisa Yeh Jahaan is a socio–environmental, light-hearted feature film which tells the story of an urban family trapped in the concrete jungles of a metropolis. A global film, ‘Aisa Yeh Jahaan’ tries to create a meaningful dialogue with audiences across all ages and ethnicities. It raises pertinent questions about life and survival, and everything that lies in between.

CERE is conducting an audit based on certain parameters to measure the emissions associated with producing this film. Even though film production is generally not associated with carbon emissions, (at least in comparison to other industries), emissions from onsite fuel use, vehicle fuel use, film production related air travel, lighting, generators etc can result in substantial amounts of Green House Gases (GHG) being emitted into the atmosphere.

Based on the audit, CERE will assist the production team of Aisa Yeh Jajaan to take steps to offset the carbon emitted through the entire production process through a massive afforestation program. Essentially, CERE will be helping the producers of Aisa Yeh Jahaan ‘remove’ as much carbon dioxide (as trees absorb carbon dioxide) from the atmosphere as they have put in, making the film carbon-neutral.