Teaching Aids

Education for and in the environment is more important than education about the environment.

The Activity Sheets
The Activity sheets while following the NCERT prescribed curriculum provide relevant lesson content, written exercises and most importantly, a variety of activities and projects to aid the learning process.

Using the Activity Sheets:

  • Take 5 to 6 print outs of each Activity Sheet. You can laminate the sheets so that they last for many years.
  • Divide the class into groups and hand over one Activity Sheet to each group. Request children not to write on the Activity Sheets, these can be re-used.
  • Children work on the Activity Sheet in groups. Encourage students to ‘research’ let them access the library or the internet. The teacher can bring in resource people. If all this is not possible to then children can refer to the Environmental Education text book. Activities and exercises that are completed by students should then be presented before the class for group discussion.
  • You can use the ‘10 Good Activities’ with the Activity Sheets.

Activity Sheet Key: This symbol introduces an activity, exercise or student project. Activities may be written in-class exercises, Q&A or projects. It is recommended that students complete the activities in groups unless otherwise specified.

Did You Know? – Provides students with different facts and statistics. Promote discussion on this data, and encourage students to find their own ‘wacky facts and figures’.