Schools for Solar

Most parts of India, receive a high amount of solar radiation for 250 to 300 days in a year which-eventually adds up to a potential of producing 6,000 million GWh of energy per year. Even though India receives such a phenomenal amount of sunlight, tapping this resource to generate electricity is yet to be adopted on a large scale. The business idea for this contest is to assist schools to generate electricity through simple rooftop solar installations. However, the innovation in this idea is that the finance for the solar installation is generated by the energy conservation efforts of the students themselves. This entire campaign, run by students, for financing the solar installation for their schools would be set up on an independent platform which would be a web-based portal managed by the project proponents namely the Centre for Environmental Research and Education (CERE). This online portal would not only steer the conservation campaigns of the schools but also provide all the necessary information about the ‘Schools on Solar’ initiative.