Developing Centres of Learning & Discovery in Mumbai

The process of education must not be restricted to the portals of an educational institution and needs to move beyond the classroom to knowledge-based, multi-sensory, interactive Centres of Learning & Discovery. CERE aims to establish new Centres of Learning & Discovery and also develop and widen the outreach of present establishments such as recreational gardens that can help in the process of environmental education if designed to meet the needs of visitors.

CERE selected the Mumbai Port Trust (MbPT) Garden covering 14 acres at Colaba and has designed a development scheme to help convert the garden to a vibrant Centre of Learning and Discovery. The blueprint incorporates an Information Centre with a reference library, exhibition hall, audio-visual room, souvenir shop and herbarium, in addition to increasing the types of gardens to include a herb garden, native garden, aquatic-intertidal garden, edible garden and ornamental garden. The development plan has been submitted to MbPT for consideration.